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How Does Our Rental Scheme Work?
Our strategy is simple. We have a smart way to cut your packaging cost by more than 60% when you purchase from us. We have a wide network of companies and other industry users renting boxes from us for short periods. When these carton boxes are returned to us, we maintain and make these boxes reusable by the next customer. Our Rental fee per box is the same regardless of the size of the box you need. It is only $1.50/box for a standard period of 7days. Its Simple you will pay the same price as you would if you bought the boxes from us. Only difference is, at the end of your rental period we will refund your deposit portion for the boxes rented from us.

The deposit varies for each box size as below; Deposits Deposit per box is calculated based on retail price before discounts less standard rental rate Upon Return of the rented boxes we will refund your deposit on cash term. Our boxes are designed to be reused and we take great pride in them. Boxes that have been reused for a few cycles will then be sold at lower price thus making it affordable at all time. Every now and than we also sell used big carton boxes, so just give us a call to check if we happen to have the customized boxes for your special requirements. Why not you buy outright and sell back to us? So if you are picky about buying used or renting used boxes, fear not as you can buy new ones from us and later sell them back to us. Only difference is when you rent you get a much higher refund as we know the life span of the box supplied to you. Compared to direct buy back we will not have any info as such about the boxes.


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Size M: Medium Box
51 x 41cm x 41cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size L: Large Box
59 x 40cm x 37cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size XL: Extra Large Box
60 x 42cm x 48cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size XXL: Double Extra Large Box
62 x 46cm x 76cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall
Various Size Boxes..