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What We Do
We are a Singapore based company focused on the 3R principles Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We have a unique and innovative way of reducing waste generated from production of corrugated boxes.
We belive these carton boxes are like cats.

Why so? There is a believe that cats have 9 lives… likewise we believe our boxes have multipe lives after its
initial birth! We trust you will too, embrace the pratice of using used boxes or renting boxes in singapore.
Unless otherwise necessary we recommend you buy new boxes.

To make your purchase experience a breeze we are always improving our service standards.

See you at our store at 1002 Toa Payoh industrial park #06 – 1457 Singapore 319074

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Most Common Uses Of Our Boxes?
House Moving
Office Relocation
Renovation period storage
Commercial packing
Freight / Shipping


Single wall boxes S/W can easily trick you to think, you are getting a good deal purchasing a bigger box for a cheaper price. They are a quick selling box for many carton box suppliers. Customers will only realise it's a wrong decision, once it reaches your doorstep or when it gives way almost half filled.

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First option is to choose a reliable and experienced movers based in singapore,We always give you proper consulting for moving. Important tips must be followed by you to make a move easier. Like what to do and what not to do before moving should be followed.

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Size M: Medium Box
51 x 41cm x 41cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size L: Large Box
59 x 40cm x 37cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size XL: Extra Large Box
60 x 42cm x 48cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size XXL: Double Extra Large Box
62 x 46cm x 76cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall
Various Size Boxes..