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Cartonboxes Rental for House Moving and Office Moving- Now more easier

Packing and supplies singapore- let us know your moving needs, all type of office moving and house moving services avail with us at affordable and market competitive rates.

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Wholesale Cartonboxes and cardboardboxes-Grab
this Opportunity

Cartonboxes, cardboardboxes, New and used boxes are available with discount. Cardboardboxes for shipping requirement, storage purpose all size boxes available in singapore.

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Singapore Movers- Corporate moving services specially for office moving- Instant service

Office shifting now becomes more easier- Experienced staff and smart moving service give you a timely delivery, fine moving consulting in singapore

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Our strategy is simple. We have a smart way to cut your packaging cost by more than 60% when you purchase from us.

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Carton Boxes Singapore Moving is always a tough job. Depending on the amount of items and materials that you had to move, you might want to hire a professional to help you out. Packing your supplies can take a whole day's work if you have no system, or if you lack the materials you need to work. Carton Box Rental is a company based in Singapore that specializes in packaging and shipping your items to wherever you need it to be. We have made moving that much easier for you so that you are stress-free. What has made us number one in the country is our commitment for eco-friendly services. We reuse and recycle all items used for packing, such as boxes, carton, cardboard, and plastic, among other things. Thus, we also enable you to save on the cost of moving because you need not obtain a new set of materials each time moving or packing is required. Cardboard Boxes Wholesale You can depend on Carton Box Rental to address your packing needs.

What We Do

Most Common Uses Of Our Boxes?
House Moving
Office Relocation
Renovation period storage
Commercial packing
Freight / Shipping

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Did You Know That?

No minimum order quantity!
When you rent instead of buying you save more than 60%!
Your deposits placed with us will never be forfeited as long as the boxes are still in usable condition!
We do not charge GST!


No need to invest on carton or other packaging supplies because we will provide it for you. We can determine the needs of our clients due to many years of experience. Hence, we offer four basic sizes of carton package on wholesale. Your choices are as follows: Size M or Medium box, Size L or Large Box, Size XL or Extra Large box, and Size XXL or Double Extra Large Box. You can make your choice according to the amount of items that you need to have packed and transported into your specified destination. We also double-check to ensure the safety of your items, especially those that are fragile, so we provide bubble wrap as a way to transport safely. All boxes are securely wrapped in adhesive and other materials to ensure that they stay safe inside the box. Since we reuse and recycle our products, we offer wholesale prices to our clients and our operational costs are not passed on to clients.

Lets see What Client Says !!

"Its was a nice experience with these moving guys, they did well job"... M. Steve.

"I can't believe the shifting in such a silent and proper managed way, it was nice" ...Alley

"Really its good place for wholesale cartonboxes".. Ella

"These guys did really a good job, and their planning of shifting was really great..In a single day we shift our office...Thank you" ...John


First option is to choose a reliable and experienced movers based in singapore,We always give you proper consulting for moving. Important tips must be followed by you to make a move easier. Like what to do and what not to do before moving should be followed.

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Size M: Medium Box
51 x 41cm x 41cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size L: Large Box
59 x 40cm x 37cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size XL: Extra Large Box
60 x 42cm x 48cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size XXL: Double Extra Large Box
62 x 46cm x 76cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall
Various Size Boxes..